Wandering Artist

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls" -Pablo Picasso

The name's Megan. An artist, striving and working harder than any other around...It will pay off one day! Hope you enjoy my art blog.

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Anonymous asked: Sorry you've got a weird stalker person. :( tumblr really needs to create a proper way to block people so that they can't see your blog. The way it is now is like an ostrich burying its head in the sand. Not very useful in the long run.

Yea, it sucks. I just want them to please grow up and lave me alone. Unfortunately most sites blocking systems equate to about the same…which is not helpful when you don’t want those you blocked to be able to view personal info, pics and posts….I wish I could ip address block sometimes tbh.

 guess I need to practice my digital lines bc all I ever do digitally is paint and sketch. ^^’

If I have you blocked and you’re visiting this blog because you “bored” I’m telling you now to leave. You’re blocked for a reason. People have been complaining about you’re immature and shitty attitude and I just don’t take stalking and defamation all too well. Your pathetic jealousy needs to stop. Leave.

I don’t quite understand whitewashing or same face or any form of drawing the same race/body type/gender/type of character over and over again. Isn’t half the fun of creating character making them something other than short haired pale girls or muscley guys over and over? I could never confine myself to such repetition in my work. It would be so boring.

Anonymous asked: omgomgomg umm Beemo in the number 1 palette please~

Adorable character from a show I don’t watch, but good warm up sketch def.